Thursday, March 13, 2008

tragedy continues

After I sent out my email about the tragedy with my Uncle, as well as the drug reaction I had, I started hearing back from other people who knew of similar situations, just as horrible and tragic, like perfectly healthy people who mixed medications without knowing, and went into a coma and died.

as much as possible
and read to inform yourself

do not blindly trust your doctor!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tragedy - everyone be careful

*I'm writing this so that you and your loved ones can avoid being in a similar helpless situation, and possibly save yours or someone else's life. Be VERY careful of what medications you are being prescribed, whether you are taking one, or more than one*

Some doctors don't pay attention to drug interactions, or don't pay attention to signs of a reaction from mixing/taking multiple medications. As in the case of my Uncle, he was prescribed more than one medication, and the doctor even saw signs of a reaction and ignored them, and my Uncle passed away today :-(
I'm more angry than anything. This is so unnecessary and it takes peoples lives more than we realize.

DON'T MIX MEDICATIONS unless you know what you are taking - and even if your doctor seems to know what they are talking about, READ online about it, and you will be amazed to find people in similar situations, and people whose lives have been ruined by medication(s).

I recently took an antibiotic for a sinus infection (and I couldn't even finish the course of Rx cause I couldn't function due to side effects - I am allergic to the medicine now) and now weeks later, it has completely wrecked my body and I am still recovering from the long term side effects. When I read up online about it, I found out that people who had taken this drug had suffered serious neurological damage, and other problems. I read like 500 testimonies- all negative.

So before you take anything, no matter how fabulous you think doctor is, read up on it, esp if you are taking more than one medication.
Don't be a victim, in a big or small way, from the health care system that pumps us full of drugs without knowing the reactions and interactions. By default, "okay lets try this drug." Avoid it if you can.

P.S. If you can, natural meds are the way to go.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

exciting news

My friend got into Harvard for grad school (although she may choose to go to UCLA :-) and my other friend is marrying her college sweetheart in Florence, Italy, where they first started dating :-)

So happy for wonderful life news!