Wednesday, April 29, 2009

peace and happiness :-)

More than anything, I believe that every day should begin with a smile and end with a smile, that we should never leave the house or hang up the phone or go to bed when mad or upset, that each time, peace and happiness should be there and things worked out, before going anywhere or hanging up or going to sleep :-) and be always in happiness and peace!

Neyo "Mad"

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I know sometimes

It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain

Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...

Oh baby this love ain't gonna be perfect,
(Perfect, perfect, oh oh).
And just how good it's gonna be.
We can fuss and we can fight
Long as everything alright between us
Before we go to sleep.

Baby, we're gonna be happy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

self growth and evolving

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves."
M.K. Gandhi

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dance it out :-)

Watch here :-)

One of my favorite things about Greys Anatomy, is that the characters, whenever they are down or have a bad day, they "dance it out." First only one or two people used to do it, and then they all learned from each other, to spread the happiness and joy through dancing it out, so anytime they have a bad day or something went wrong or having a tough time, they get up and "dance it out" together, so basically listen to music and dance around the room, happy, wild, letting it all out, just dancing it out :-) I have incorporated this into my daily life, and just letting all the happiness and peace and positivity flow through me as I move to the music :-) Dance it out baby!

Friday, April 10, 2009

cultures, religions, holidays

Happy Good Friday! and Yay almost Easter! :-)
I am going to Easter Mass and brunch with my friend here in New York, and I’m very happy and excited :-)
As a child, we always used to have Easter egg hunt at school and then with other kids, we'd go to Easter celebrations in the park and do an Easter egg hunt, and Mom and Dad also used to set up Easter egg hunt for us, and whether at school or in the park or at home, it was always so exciting to find the eggs (plastic eggs) and they had chocolates inside or jelly beans or egg shaped candy. And then also we used to paint hardboiled eggs, I think at school or at home, and after boiling the eggs, and then you get to decorate them and paint them. And we would make Easter projects in school during arts and crafts time. And that was when we were children, but even until now as adults, my Mom always gets us Easter gifts each year, like bunny stuffed animal and chocolate eggs and Snoopy toy dressed for Easter, etc. Such a fun holiday :-)
Lots of holidays have only religious symbolism, some have only cultural, and some have both. Like Jewish people are celebrating Passover, Christians are celebrating Easter, and lots of people are celebrating decorating eggs, bunnies, and chocolate :-)

I love to experience different cultures, religions, and celebrations, of all kinds and types and backgrounds :-) There are so many to experience, between all the different cultures and religions, and it's a beautiful aspect of life, to share and celebrate and enjoy all of these beautiful and unique differences that make us the human race, and all of our individuality and differences is what makes every culture and religion so incredibly special, wonderful, and beautiful, all these different beautiful elements and aspects together :-)

In high school, I made this one film called "Our Only Hope" where I took 4 of my friends from 4 different faiths, and showed that no matter how different we are or how different our faiths our, the true religion of humanity is love, and I used a song with the lyrics saying "My religion is love." One of my first films I made :-)

I want to celebrate all these holidays with my kids because I grew up having so much fun with these holidays, the cultural aspect mostly, because these aren't my religious holidays as I was born Hindu, but even though born a Hindu, now I believe in God and all religions, but don't really celebrate these holidays religiously, so Christmas for me is more about lights, spirit, tree, and winter holiday bliss more than about the birth of Jesus, and Easter is more about decorating eggs and chocolate for me than the rising of Christ, but everything is beautiful :-)
So yes I want my kids to experience Easter egg hunt, dressing up in cute costume for Halloween and going trick or treating, putting up lights and a tree for Christmas, and having Thanksgiving dinner, etc, all those things. These are the best times and memories of my life, all the fun of the holidays, and also being together with friends and family :-)

Every day of life is a celebration, and these are some special celebrations, and some religious and cultural ones, and just special times of the year, but yay for every day is a celebration :-)