Saturday, June 18, 2016


I have been swimming for as long as I can remember - since I was a little girl. For many years, I swam with a team and competed at swim meets. I even got two medals at the Junior Olympics in McAllen, Texas when I was a young teenager. I have those medals with me until today. I remember waking up before school in Texas and on the weekends and going to swim practice. I can see so clearly memories from those days, mist sweeping over the pool as it was cold in the winter months, but the pool was warm as can be. Everytime I glided under the water, I felt warmth and comfort, and then came up to breathe and the cold mist stung my face. I can still feel it today, and still see that mist rolling over the water. I remember traveling with my team by bus to swim meets and the Junior Olympics. I continued swimming when I moved to California for high school, but it was not the same. Moving takes a toll on activities, teams, and interests. I got into running in high school, but was never very good. Swimming was one sport that I was - and still am - actually good at. I came first in many meets, especially in breast stroke. I still remember my coach congratulating me and high fiving me when I finished. For one swimathon, I swam 200 laps and raised money for our team. 200 laps - the most I have ever swum. I still swim at the pool at my gym. Something happens to me every single time I enter the pool. With swim cap and googles on, I jump into the water, and feel surrounded by memories, peace, and familiar feelings. With every stroke I take, I remember happy memories, I feel peaceful, and glide through the water with a clear mind, free from stress or work or obligations. When I am in the water, like a true Pisces, I am free and me. There is no better feeling and I will keep swimming until I am no longer physically on this Earth. Stroke by stroke, I am a swimmer. And a pretty good one still. Although, I used to be great - and I will never forget it. Those swimming memories will stay with me forever, and I make new ones each time I touch the waters of the pool again.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A day in the city with family friends

Support & Understanding needed

I do not get involved in politics and rarely speak my mind 100%, even in my own blog, so I will try to go about my thoughts here as calm and neutral as possible, which is tough. I feel it is extremely unfair that women are discriminated against for having a child. It does make sense that if you take months or years off from work, you will miss a promotion or get behind in your job or career. That makes sense and yes it is unfair, but that is how God made men and women. Men cannot give birth, so women get that gift, while they may take longer to move forward in their career because of it. Now if a man takes paternity leave for months or a year, whether paid or not, whether in this country or not, the same thing will happen. 

Anyone who is out of work for months or years will miss a promotion and get behind in their job and career. But in general, there should not be discrimination when it comes to starting a family. I am not a mother yet, and I hear comments and threats about the chance that I might be one day. When will discrimination against women, who want to have a family, which is most women, when men physically cannot, stop? Having children is not a hobby, as the article mentions many think it is. Ironically - the problem is not only male bosses. I have had more problems from female bosses - I do not know if it is jealousy or competition or age - but whatever it is, it is wrong. I am not male bashing here. I believe in equality for both genders. And women themselves - especially women bosses - tend to be a bigger problem than male bosses, in my opinion, from personal experience. And there is not much support from the law period for anyone, especially not in this country.

Women work, often full time, while carrying an extra 30+ pounds, to then push a baby out, while stressing about their job, salary, future, supporting their family, are already exhausted from pregnancy and birth, and face threats and discrimination from their employers - some to a point where they need to hide their pregnancies, or even an unfortunate miscarriage. This really is not human and very unfair. This level of anxiety and stress prevents women from getting pregnant, causes complications during pregnancy and delivery, and more health risks for the mother and the baby. All of this is not worth it. When will the unnecessary stress cease? God made women to carry and birth children, but it doesn't mean they should sit at home either - it is their choice to work - part time or full - in the office or from home - or not work at all and be at home to take care of their kids full time. That is their choice and that is all fine, whatever they choose. But a parent who wants to work shouldn't have to give up their career due to the level of anxiety and stress put on them, or the lack of support or child care options, in a country that offers no maternity or paternity leave for parents. On top of that, they shouldn't have their professional life made more difficult for them, as well as harassed and bullied on a daily basis, whether pregnant or even the thought of wanting to be pregnant. I have faced it as well. It is not pretty.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Time is fleeting. We do not have infinite time in our lifetimes. Time is precious. It is here for a moment, and gone the next. Time is filled with past memories, present moments, and future dreams. Time is not replaceable, so it is important to treasure each waking moment. Live in the moment, one breath at a time. Make new memories and relive treasured ones. Focus on the positive, and just let go. Just be. Holding on to grudges will cause time to be wasted. Happiness, forgiveness, being positive, healthy, kind and understanding will fill the time you have been given with meaning, memories, wisdom, true, and love. Fill your time with love - love yourself, love your family, your friends, neighbors, colleagues, pets, your soulmate. Time is worthy and meaningful. Time can be short or long, depending on how you choose to see and live your life. Live life to the fullest. Do you remember your favorite memories, moments, and times? Time is a blessing. Time is life's most precious gift. Do not waste it. Not even one moment. Live your time - now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My favorite NYC eatery

Favorite dishes: asparagus with Parmesan

Vegan hot dog with relish and mayo


Monday, June 6, 2016

Brilliant live artist

Sam Smith
"The Writing's On the Wall"

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Princeton weekend