Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Women Will Rule the World!!!


When historians write about the great recession of 2007–08, they may very well have a new name for it: the Mancession. It’s a term already being bandied about in the popular media as business writers chronicle the sad tales of the main victims of the recession: men. They were disproportionately represented in the industries hit hardest during the downturn, including financial services, manufacturing, and construction, and their higher salaries often put them first in the line of fire. Men are the victims of two thirds of the 11 million jobs lost since the recession began in 2007; in August 2009, when U.S. male unemployment stood at 11 percent (versus 8.3 for women), it was the largest unemployment gender gap in the postwar era. Those numbers have improved, a bit—new unemployment figures show men at 9.9 percent and women at 7.8—but not enough to stop Larry Summers, the president’s top economic adviser, from speculating recently, that “when the economy recovers, five years from now, one in six men who are 25 to 54 will not be working.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy India Independence Day!

Happy India Independence Day! The Empire State Building is lit up with the colors of the Indian flag today :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I took a random personality quiz online, and this is what it said about me (which is pretty much exactly right!!!) :-)

You are an explorer. You're always on the hunt for new exotic adventures that will appeal to your wild spirit. You'll try anything once! You've got a wonderfully childlike spirit. You see the beauty in the simplest of things. Happiness is not something to save for the future, it's about living in the moment. Nothing gets you excited like the thought of setting off on trip somewhere you've never been before. You really enjoy getting into planning all the sites you want to see. You're a bit of a cultural sponge too. You love checking out all the latest films, books and music. Deep down, you've got a big heart and like to put others first. Nothing puts a smile on your face like being able to make a difference. But remember it's always good to fit a little time for yourself in the mix too. Your batteries won't run forever!