Thursday, September 27, 2007

look at my imdb page today!

Woohooo!!! So awesome :-)
^ 2,641% since last week

and Karyna posted on my IMDB message board:
Anisha Bhagat is the next big thing. Watch out Hollywood! Here she comes!

haha i love you! She's my biggest fan :-) Karyna kept checking the site for my name and page forever! She initially found me on IMDB before I found my page! And she is the one who told me! hahaha muah!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My IMDB and credits!

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is the biggest entertainment database in existence. It has info on anyone and anything in the entertainment industry. For as long as I can remember, I've been researching that site for film classes, papers, and mostly personal interest. My first goal and dream on my road to Hollywood fame and fortune was to be credited and get my own page. That gets you on the industry radar, and makes you legitimate. And now, after working on a few film sets, my first credit has been posted! It's my first stepping stone, and just the beginning of so much more to come! I am ECSTATIC!!!

From the main site,, type in my full name, Anisha Bhagat, it pulls up my page (I have 3 pictures on there). Or the direct site is

In addition to these credits, on google, another one of my credits pops up that is not yet on imdb:
Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Standup Television show .....Anisha Bhagat. Production Assistant (at the bottom of the page with the heading for my part of the crew: Below the Line)

Oh and I am moving out of San Francisco next week, to San Jose for a few months, and then moving to Los Angeles in January, to do the Hollywood thing :-) IM SUPER EXCITED!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

the hardest thing

I think that when we are living and working somewhere, it's hard at first, as beginnings always are, scary, hard, but then we get used to it. It becomes a routine, and something familiar. Then soon we are liking it, even loving it - work, roommates, house, city, so then when deciding to move or take a new job or be in a new city, that is another new beginning, and again, it is hard, scary, and I think that is what I am feeling right now. The sense of being comfortable and liking where I am, the city, my roommates, my coworkers, my friends, my job, and moving to LA, a new city with new roommates and friends and work, it's scary, and it's making me nervous, anxious, and a little stressed.

I think it comes down to, when we are to deviate from what we are comfortable with, take a big step out of our comfort zone, take a risk, a leap, a chance, it is scary. It is nervewracking. It makes me anxious, and stressed. But I made this decision over the course of a few months, and sat on the decision for weeks before making it final. And I feel happier and more excited each day that it gets closer to that decision to take place, but at the same time, as the time approaches to leave my comfort zone in SF, it is also scary and stressful. But I made the decision, and I am sticking to it because I know I made the right now, and while it's hard now to leave what I know, love, and am comfortable with, it would be even harder to do that months or years from now when I am even more deep rooted here with work, home, friends, roommates, etc. And my LA decision is one that will be the best for me long term on all levels and areas, esp work.

At least I recognize that the hardest thing is to break away from what we are most comfortable with, and often times, we give up what we want to really do because it's scary, and we'd rather do what we are comfortable doing, being, living, etc.

It's sink or swim time. And I plan to swim. All the way.