Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finally got my diploma!!

Yay! It's for real now! :-)
Anisha Bhagat, MBA

New dream job!

I wanted to share the amazingly great news that I got a new job, in my field of healthcare management - my first job as a manager - at the number one ranked medical center in the country.

I am an Administrative Manager at Columbia University Medical Center :-) It has been about three weeks now, and I continue to learn so much on a daily basis, while working hard in my department, and staying very busy :-) It has been a long road and a lot of hard work, both with my MBA, and job applications, to finally reach this stage, which is like a dream come true for me :-)

I am working with incredible people and knowledgeable staff at one of the top medical institutions in the country. A place where lives are changed on a daily basis. I am continuing my passion for health care and helping others. A position, company and opportunity that really supports and ties in with my MBA in Health Services Management, and takes my job to a new level, and career to new heights. I am thankful and humbled.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Celebrating 4 years with the love of my life :-)