Monday, April 4, 2016

8 years in NY

It started April 4, 2008. I remember my parents taking me to the airport for a red-eye flight to NYC, city of my dreams, that I had been wanting to move to since I was 16, and finally did at 24. I remember taking a cab from the airport to my friend's apartment. I remember sleeping on my friend's couch in her kitchen, with my legs dangling over the side, trying to pick up WiFi on my laptop from nearby Columbia University. I remember Dad came to visit and took me to Ikea. We drove back to my apartment with a mattress tied to the roof of the car - that mattress lasted me 4 apartments and 6 years in NYC - even though the frame didn't last that long haha! Cheers to mattress beds on the floor :-) 
I remember Dad staying up until 3am putting together my furniture and then leaving early for a flight back to Cali. I remember applying to hundreds of jobs and going on tons of interviews until I finally got my first job in NYC that would take me through the recession, as I stayed there for 2 1/2 years. I remember friends, brunches, beaches, dinners, dancing, apartments, meeting the love of my life, going all around the city, exploring, eating, subways, trains - and sleeping wherever and whenever I could - even on my commute - sometimes missing my work stop! I remember all nighters during my MBA and then going to work the next day. I feel as if I have made my life here and dreams come true - and still coming true every day :-)
New York City is my biggest dream accomplished, and even though I am living in the suburbs now, upstate NY is still exciting, beautiful, and the city is just a quick drive or train ride away :-)