Sunday, November 21, 2010

I love life stream of thoughts

I celebrated Thanksgiving with Mohit - our early celebration together, since we are both going home for the holidays. Two of my friends passed the bar exam :-) I bought the Glee: Christmas album. I love ALL Christmas music. But I love all music period :-) I got a new candle that is apple-cinnamon flavored. Mmm smells so nice and warms up my apt. I can't wait to put up my little mini Christmas tree in my apt too. I love this fall and winter season, the scents, the warmth, the spirit, the music, the snow, the lights, the decorations, the foods. Yay the holidays! I'm listening to Green Day - the Broadway songs version. I got some new things for my apt, including an air purifier, pink fuzzy slippers, a ball chair from Gaiam, and got holiday festive foods and groceries also. Love it! New York City is beautiful in the fall. See the leaves and trees near my apt :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali!!!!!!

To my wonderful and beautiful family and friends :-)
Happy Diwali to you and to all of your family and friends :-)

Love of love and hugs,

See these Diwali pictures from India from this year - so beautiful!