Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Best pics of my Bridal Mehndi (henna)!!!

Thank you Yogita Sheth / Yogis Henna!


Celebrations continue :-)

Blissful wedding pic, dancing at our reception, vow cards, welcome home ceremony including flowers and cake, congrats card from the White House, favors on our side table, DMV for name change, 30th birthday celebrations and my first wife birthday card!!!!!!!

Loving life, love, celebrations, marriage, and every single day and moment of happiness, love and bliss :-)

#celebratinglife #lovehappinessbliss #marriageisawesome

Facebook is 10! My facebook movie :-)

A lot of scenery, coffee cups, New York City, MBA graduation, engagement, love, and wedding prep. Definitely feels like most of the past 9 years of my life!!!! :-) Here’s my Facebook movie. Find yours at #FacebookIs10